The LAMIA Seminar consists of the presentation of research work in mathematics, computer science and / or their applications, by LAMIA members, but also visiting researchers and scientific personalities carrying out work in the fields of interest of the laboratory. It is held at least twice a month, generally on Thursday at 2 p.m., in room B325 of the research building at the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences. It is run by its manager Séverine ANDOUZE-BERNARD.

  • Christopher FRAGNEAU (LAMIA) 06/06/2024

    Pseudo maximum likelihood estimation in monotone single-index model.

  • Gisèle MOPHOU (LAMIA) 30/05/2024

    Quasi-reversibility methods of optimal control for ill-posed heat equation.

  • Frédéric LESAGE (Université du Québec, Outaouais) 23/05/2024

    Two-phase energy transport modeling and Intelligent route mapping.

  • Amir BOAG (Université de Tel Aviv) 16/05/2024

    Fast Solvers Based on Generalized Source Integral Equations with Improved Kernels.

  • Thomas NANCY (LAMIA) 02/05/2024

    Some Carleman estimates for a Timoshenko beam. An example application.

  • Ali PERINA (LAMIA) 25/04/2024

    Stabilization of a transmission system between an elastic material and a Mindlin-Timoshenko plate.

  • Julian REVALSKI (Président de l’Académie bulgare des sciences) 18/04/2024

    Maximization principles for lower semicontinuous functions.

  • David COUVIN (LAMIA) 18/01/2024

    Databases and bioinformatics tools for a better understanding of tuberculosis evolution.

  • Claudya PARIZE (LAMIA) 14/12/2023

    Blending managerial innovation and ethical digital practices for sustainable futures : a case study at the \"Université des Antilles\".

  • Alain PIETRUS (LAMIA) 23/11/2023

    Some numerical schemes for linear control systems.