The LAMIA of the University of the Antilles (UA) is a reception unit (EA 4540) recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. It is the consequence of the grouping of members from the AAG-EA 3591 and GRIMAAG-EA 3590 laboratories of the UAG.

The laboratory is headed by a director and two deputy directors and has a laboratory council.The LAMIA has around sixty members divided into three internal teams, each with a manager in charge of scientific coordination and coordination.

Locally, the scientific life of the laboratory is organized around internal teams and the bi-monthly LAMIA seminar; more generally, exchanges with external or foreign researchers are constant and international collaborations (Austria, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Spain, United States, Israel, etc.) constitute a fundamental aspect of the research dynamic of the unit.

The Director, Gisèle MOPHOU LOUDJOM


Research areas

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Campus de Fouillole
B.P. 592
97157 Pointe à Pitre Cedex
Tél (Secr.) : (590) 590 48 30 82
Fax (Secr.) : (590) 590 48 30 86

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