The LAMIA Seminar consists of the presentation of research work in mathematics, computer science and / or their applications, by LAMIA members, but also visiting researchers and scientific personalities carrying out work in the fields of interest of the laboratory. It is held at least twice a month, generally on Thursday at 2 p.m., in room B325 of the research building at the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences. It is run by its manager Séverine ANDOUZE-BERNARD.

  • Eddie SAINTE-ROSE (LAMIA) 08/12/2022

    Statistical analysis of teleconsultations in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic.

  • Michaël SOLIMAN (Étudiant Master Info accompagné de Sébastien RÉGIS (LAMIA)) 08/12/2022

    Simulation of COVID-19 in a Caribbean island through a multi-agent model.

  • Romario FOKO TIOMELA (LAMIA) 01/12/2022

    Optimal (w,c)-Asymptotically Periodic Mild Solutions to some Fractional Evolution Equations.

  • James LARROUY (LAMIA) 24/12/2022

    An introduction to the Set Order Topology and its application to well-posedness in Set Optimization. The Portfolio Investment Problem : an example of practicability

  • Maryse MOUTAMAL (LAMIA) 17/11/2022

    No-regret control of parabolic space-time fractional Sturm-Liouville problems in a star graph.

  • Claudya PARIZE (LAMIA) 10/11/2022

    Engineering for setting up funding files for research projects.

  • Dany NABAB (LAMIA) 27/10/2022

    Study of an elliptical system of Reaction-Diffusion-Convection type with variable exponents.

  • Claudya PARIZE (LAMIA) 13/10/2022

    Engineering for setting up funding files for research projects.

  • Karen ZIG (LAMIA) 06/10/2022

    Improving process for attenuation scintigraphic images

  • Cyrille KENNE (LAMIA) 16/06/2022

    A nested model with boosting and waning of immunity from an infection with distributed resistance to pathogens carrier-state