The LAMIA Seminar consists of the presentation of research work in mathematics, computer science and / or their applications, by LAMIA members, but also visiting researchers and scientific personalities carrying out work in the fields of interest of the laboratory. It is held at least twice a month, generally on Thursday at 2 p.m., in room B325 of the research building at the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences. It is run by its manager Séverine ANDOUZE-BERNARD.

  • Céline REMI (LAMIA) 16/11/2023

    New challenges towards visuo-structural evaluation of school graphomotor gestures & handwriting.

  • Orlando JESUS FERNANDES ( Université d\'Évora - Portugal) 09/11/2023

    Methods for Analyzing Movement Variability.

  • Christopher FRAGNEAU 29/06/2023

    Rates of convergence of the constrained least-squares in the high-dimensional single-index model.

  • Christopher FRAGNEAU 08/06/2023

    On semi-parametric estimation in monotone single-index copulas

  • Mahamadi WARMA (George Mason University - USA) 11/05/2023

    Turnpike properties for fractional control problems.

  • Carole LOUIS-ROSE (LAMIA) 04/05/2023

    Interior approximate controllability of a fractional parabolic-elliptic coupled system.

  • Jean-Raphaël GROS-DESORMEAUX (CNRS) 09/03/2023

    Mathematics and geography: a map-based relationship.

  • Philippe WINNICKI (INSEE) 19/01/2023

    Guadeloupe in a few figures: Population, Labor market (employment, unemployment, job seekers), Inflation, Growth and GDP.

  • Christopher FRAGNEAU (LAMIA) 12/01/2023

    On misspecification estimation in monotone single-index models

  • John-Fritz THONY (LAMIA) 15/12/2022

    An extension of the fractional Black-Scholes model.