The LAMIA Seminar consists of the presentation of research work in mathematics, computer science and / or their applications, by LAMIA members, but also visiting researchers and scientific personalities carrying out work in the fields of interest of the laboratory. It is held at least twice a month, generally on Thursday at 2 p.m., in room B325 of the research building at the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences. It is run by its manager Séverine ANDOUZE-BERNARD.

  • Claudya PARIZE (LAMIA) 13/10/2022

    Engineering for setting up funding files for research projects.

  • Karen ZIG (LAMIA) 06/10/2022

    Improving process for attenuation scintigraphic images

  • Cyrille KENNE (LAMIA) 16/06/2022

    A nested model with boosting and waning of immunity from an infection with distributed resistance to pathogens carrier-state

  • Marius TUCSNAK (Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux) 23/06/2022

    Reachable States of Linear Dynamical Systems

  • Endrick BARNACIN (LAMIA) 16/06/2022

    Recognition and automatic identification of tropical pollens. Application to the characterization of endogenous honeys.

  • Jimmy NAGAU (LAMIA) 02/06/2022

    Copilotrace: a platform dedicated to the design of pedagogical scenarios, the acquisition and analysis of graphomotor activities and data aggregation

  • Stéphane CHOLET (SoftBridge) 19/05/2022

    Don\'t leave! How Machine Learning can help prevent churn - Use case

  • James LARROUY (LAMIA) 12/05/2022

    An invitation to (ω,c)-pseudo almost measured periodicity

  • José-Luis VILCHIS MEDINA (Ecole Navale) 28/04/2022

    Autonomous decision making in the presence of incomplete information and safety rules using non-monotonic reasoning

  • Didier HENRY (LAMIA) 28/04/2022

    Predictive models for early detection of Twitter hoaxes