The field of "data science" has been growing rapidly for several years. It can be defined as the discipline through which data are collected, processed, explored and analysed to extract useful knowledge. In this context, the massive volume and heterogeneity of data to be integrated in the study of natural, social or behavioural phenomena pose serious challenges to the scientific community.

Data Science is thus finding applications in many fields, and in particular in the field of "bioinformatics", which is understood as the science dedicated to the automatic processing and analysis of biological data. Several factors can explain this craze: (i) the development of technical means which now easily allow DNA sequencing and the study of living organisms from a new angle (ii) the improvement in storage and processing capacities which now allow very large quantities of data to be analysed by automatic solutions.

Thus, the DATA SCIENCE & BIO ANALYTICS group is interested in several data science issues and in particular in problems related to
- information modelling,
- extraction of knowledge from data
- knowledge representation
- data collection devices
- genome reduction and analysis
- classification by Spoligotype analysis or MIRU-VNTR profiles
- knowledge extraction and visualisation


Membres du LAMIA rattachés au groupe :

  • Martine Collard, PR
  • Serge Agostinelli, PR
  • Erick Stattner, MCF
  • Wilfried Segretier, MCF
  • Cédric Ramassamy, MCF
  • Philippe Hunel, MCF
  • Michael Gaydu, MCF
  • Didier Henry, Dr, ATER
  • Reynald Eugenie, Doctorant
  • Erol Elisabeth, Doctorant

Membres extérieurs au Lamia :

  • David Couvin, Dr., Post-Doc, Institut Pasteur
  • Nalin Rastogi, Pr., Directeur de recherche, Institut Pasteur