James LARROUY (LAMIA) : An invitation to (ω,c)-pseudo almost measured periodicity

In this work, we introduce a new class of functions called -(ω,c)-pseudo almost periodic. Via Measure Theory, we generalize some recent works and study the properties of this new class of functions including two new composition theorems which play a crucial role when it comes to establishing the existence of -(ω,c)-pseudo almost periodic solutions for some semi-linear or partial differential equations. Finally, we apply these theoretical results to the study of a biological model. We study the existence and uniqueness of almost periodic -(ω,c)-pseudo solutions for Lasota-Wazewska equations with multiple lags and having some almost periodic -(ω,c)-pseudo coefficients. The consideration of almost periodic -(ω,c)-pseudo coefficients helps to reflect an oxygen demand that might weaken or increase over time in the Lasota-Wazewska model under study.